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At Imperial Dermatology, we are proud to employ a staff of caring individuals who are dedicated to helping individuals achieve excellent skin health. Each member of our team possesses a high level of training and expertise in their respective roles, which helps them to provide the best possible care for our valued patients. They consistently go above and beyond to deliver excellent service and ensure that every patient has a pleasant, comfortable experience. Should you have any questions or concerns during your visit, they are here to assist. Our multilingual staff can communicate with you in English, Spanish, or Romanian.

Monica A.

Front Lead

Kathleen Adams

Monica offers exceptional patient support and is studying healthcare administration in hopes of taking her medical admin skills to the next level. She is also our “CIO” - Chief Impression Officer, going out of her way to ensure each patient has a wonderful experience!

Stephanie F.

Medical Assistant

Paula Driouiche

Stephanie’s sense of humor makes your Dermatology experience feel natural, relaxed, and comfortable. She listens compassionately and delivers excellent patient care! She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Lilya V.

Medical Assistant

lilya v

Lilya’s exemplary work ethic and caring heart translates to a fantastic patient experience. She is fluent in Russian and English and goes the extra mile to ensure each patient feels heard and understood!

Alexa F.


alexa f

Alexa is a highly motivated individual who values the importance of health and wellness. She aspires to continue her medical education and become a PA. Her passion for tending to others contributes to her outstanding patient care experience. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Rachel V.

Office Manager

Rachel v

Rachel helps integrate the long-term vision for the practice with everyday details that are informed by data, trends, and predictions. Her common sense and talent with mentoring team members and managing operating systems is what makes us all shine.

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