Complex Medical Dermatology in Hollywood, FL

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What is complex medical dermatology?

Dermatology does not end at just acne or skin lesions. At Imperial Dermatology, patients come to us for a wide range and number of reasons. Not all dermatology practices cover complex medical dermatological issues, but Dr. Simona Bartos is skilled in treating a full range of common to rare dermatology complaints. Her complex medical dermatology conditions treated include:

Bullous Pemphigoid — This rare skin condition causes blister-like sores to form on the belly, arms, legs, groin, armpits, and even in the mouth.

Cicatricial Pemphigoid — A chronic, rare autoimmune disorder that may cause blisters and scarring.especially in eyes, mouth and genital areas.

Vitiligo — Individuals with vitiligo may have loss of melanin, or skin color, in consistent patches on their skin.

Erythroderma — Erythroderma, or exfoliative dermatitis, is an excessive inflammation of the skin that may cause some or all of the skin to scale off.

PRP — This condition can cause thick red or orange scales often found on the palms and soles of the feet or all over the body.

Lichen Planopilaris — A form of scarring alopecia, this condition causes permanent hair loss and scaliness of the skin.

Lichen Planus Pemphigoides — A form of autoimmune dermatitis, this disorder results in blisters and skin thickening.

Psoriasis — With psoriasis, you may see itchy patches of thick, scaly plaques on elbows, knees, back or anywhere on the skin.  

Atopic Dermatitis — Also known as eczema, this chronic condition creates itchiness, inflammation, and redness on the skin.

Calciphylaxis — This uncommon disease is a serious disease where calcium builds up in small blood vessels directly below the skin causing necrosis and skin ulcers.

Pyoderma Gangrenosum — This condition may cause ulcers, or large, painful sores, to appear, usually on the legs, often associated with other chronic medical conditions. 

Mycosis Fungoides — In this skin cancer syndrome, lymphocytes become malignant and attack healthy skin cells.

Darier's Disease — This disease can be identified by its wart-like blemishes that may be brownish or yellowish in color.

If you, or someone you know, is affected by one or more of the above conditions, Imperial Dermatology is here to help. Dr. Simona Bartos has extensive experience in skillfully and safely using Biologic medications to finally give you relief from your suffering.

Contact our Hollywood, FL office today to set up your consultation and get your skin condition under control.


What are complex medical dermatology treatments like?

The treatment you receive will depend on your condition and its severity at Imperial Dermatology. Treatments can vary, and for some chronic conditions, might look more like management than resolution of the complaint. At our Hollywood, FL office, we offer a wide variety of treatments, including prescription medication and topical treatments, laser treatments, steroidal medication, and more. Dr. Bartos is an expert provider and is skilled at providing a variety of treatments, as well as providing other options if initial treatment efforts are not as satisfactory as hoped.

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Dr. Bartos loves to offer her patients the most complete care possible at Imperial Dermatology. Our complex medical dermatology care is all-inclusive and all-encompassing in efforts to provide our Hollywood, FL patients the care that they need. Call today to set up a consultation and get on the road to healing today!

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