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The skin is one of the main indicators of your overall health. If you experience symptoms such as rashes (acne, blisters, spots), burning, peeling, soreness, itching, discoloration of the skin (areas of the skin with a darker or lighter shade), you should immediately make an appointment with a dermatologist.

Skin issues can result from:

· improper functioning of the sebaceous or sweat glands

· trauma of the skin such as scratch or cuts

· disorders of the nervous system

· infections

· adverse effects of the external environment or medications

· unhealthy lifestyle

· use of chemicals

· stress

· poor nutrition

· overwork

· lack of vitamins

· improper skin care

When should you need to see a dermatologist?

Do not postpone a visit to the doctor if you have the following skin diseases:

-dermatitis - an inflammatory process resulting from exposure to an irritant

-eczema - the formation of bubbles and crusts

-neurodermatitis - coarsening of the skin, dryness and inflammation

-psoriasis - the appearance of scaly plaques

-herpes - the insertion of a virus into the cell (pain, burning sensation, vesicles)

-fungal infections - infection with pathogenic fungi

-acne - an inflammatory process in the sebaceous glands

-bullous disease- any blistering, sores or tender redness of the skin

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