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Kim Kardashian’s “game changing” Laser Morpheus8 Exclusively at Imperial Dermatology

We’ve all heard of laser hair removal before, but what about lasers for your body that tighten and rejuvenate your skin? At Imperial Dermatology, Dr. Simona Bartos has the innovative Morpheus8 device that can target your cosmetic needs and help you achieve a youthful, toned, enhanced version of yourself to improve your confidence. Do you want to get rid of age spots, brown spots, or melasma? Are you interested in reducing your skin laxity without going under the knife for plastic surgery? Call now to get your treatment plan started today with the holy grail of lasers.

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a tightening, skin-smoothing, rejuvenating procedure that can be used anywhere on the body. Its results are instantly visible as it combines microneedling and radiofrequency waves to increase and stimulate collagen production all the while being a minimally invasive procedure. While Morpheus has been historically used on the face and neck as the non-surgical mini facelift, it is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for various areas of the body such as: arms, legs, buttocks and abs as a skin tightening treatment. Morpheus8 is able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin (8mm), resulting in the ability of the skin to reorganize itself and reverse the clock.

How does the procedure work?

Morpheus 8 is a 20-30 minute procedure that involves microneedling and radiofrequency waves (24 needles for the face at a 1-4 mm depth and 40 needles for the body for up to 8 mm deep). Being equipped with the Burst technology, patients receive simultaneous energy delivered at multiple depths in one pulse (ex 7 mm, 4 mm, 2 mm). Patients sit with numbing cream on for about 30 minutes to make the procedure more comfortable. Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is also available for patients, should they choose to use it, to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. For patients who are intolerant to the pain, nerve blocks can be performed. Patients walk out with results immediately upon termination of this non-surgical facelift. We usually recommend three sessions at one-month intervals for maximum results.

Is there any downtime?

Patients are free to walk out immediately post procedure. While some redness and swelling can last for 24-48 hours, it is uncommon to last beyond this period. Patients can use makeup the following day, and it is recommended to protect the sun with SPF (as always!).

What do I have to look forward to?

Radiant, luminous, rejuvenated skin anywhere on the body!

Please don’t hesitate to call or visit us in Hollywood Florida. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions you may have regarding our various anti-aging treatments. We look forward to treating you!

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