How Often Are Weight Loss Injections Needed?

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Weight loss injections are exploding in popularity — and for good reason — having helped thousands of men and women finally shed stubborn weight, reduce their risk of certain health problems, and boost their health and wellness overall. At Imperial Dermatology, our wellness specialists — board-certified dermatologists Dr. Simona Bartos and Dr. Gregory Bartos — are proud to help patients finally feel like their best selves inside and out with a range of GLP-1 weight loss injections available in Hollywood, FL. For many people considering weight loss injections, one of their first questions is how often they'll need to get a shot and/or follow up at the doctor's office. Find the answers to these and many other GLP-1 FAQs here.

Which weight loss injection do I need?

While semaglutide is often the first thing patients think of when it comes to weight loss injections, there are several exciting options available today, each of which may have a unique set of benefits for your particular situation. Two of the most popular weight loss injectables offered at our practice are:

  • Semaglutide: A generic drug/weight loss injectable primarily designed for weight loss in obese and/or diabetic patients.
  • Wegovy: A brand name drug/medications specifically designed for chronic weight loss.

Who is a candidate for semaglutide?

Eligibility for weight loss injections like semaglutide, tirzepatide, and others can only be determined by a qualified and experienced physician. Following a comprehensive consultation, health assessment, and review of your health and medical history, Dr. Bartos will recommend a customized treatment plan if you are considered an appropriate candidate for weight loss injections. In general, we may recommend weight loss injections for patients who are struggling with obesity or maintaining a healthy, stable weight through other methods.

How often do you get semaglutide shots?

Many types of weight loss injections are self-administered — meaning the patient or a trusted loved one gives the shot at home — once per week. However, the specific frequency and dose for your weight loss injections will depend on several variables, including your overall health, weight, BMI, which injectable weight loss product is used, your individual response to weight loss injections, and others. To achieve the most compelling results possible, it is critical to follow Dr. Bartos' recommendations closely, which may include ensuring your weight loss injections are given on the same day and at the same time each week.

How often will I need to follow up with the doctor for weight loss injections?

Your in-office follow-up schedule for weight loss injections will also depend on a variety of individual factors, including many of those listed above — like the type of medication being used, your progress, and more. Additionally, patients who experience certain side effects or a lack of results may need to follow up earlier or more frequently than other patients to have their dosage adjusted and to monitor their ongoing response to treatment so they can achieve the weight loss success they deserve.

Regain control of your life, health, and happiness with weight loss injections in Hollywood, FL

If it feels like you have tried everything to lose weight but still struggle with obesity and inconsistency, medical weight loss injections may be the life-changing answer for you. Join the many other men and women who have finally achieved their ultimate weight loss transformation and wellness makeover by calling Imperial Dermatology to schedule your Hollywood, FL weight loss injection consultation with our specialists, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Gregory Bartos and double board-certified dermatologist Dr. Simona Bartos, today.

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