Dermatological Emergency in Hollywood Florida

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Here at Imperial dermatology, we strive to provide a five-star service to each patient. We do everything under the same roof starting from simple full body checkups to skin cancer surgeries. Doctor Simona Bartos specializes in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology.

Have you ever gotten a rash that may be itchy or burning or just unpleasant to have? You must have wondered what the cause may be. Imperial Dermatology accepts new and existing patients for any kind of dermatologic concern. We accept and see walk-in and emergency patients. Dermatologic emergencies are rare but often progress quickly and lead to significant morbidity and mortality. Most dermatologic emergencies result from infection or an allergic reaction. However, some primary skin diseases can also become life-threatening. Prompt diagnosis is essential to improve outcomes, but it can be challenging because these conditions and diseases have multiple causes and variable presentations, some of which are not harmful skin disorders. Dermatologists are aware of these potentially life-altering conditions so that they can intervene quickly and minimize the impact on their patients. Imperial Dermatology is in Hollywood, Florida, right on Sheridan Street and is open Monday through Saturday to meet your needs.

Types of Dermatologic Emergencies:

1. Rash

2. Allergic reaction

3. Bleeding mole

4. Skin Infection

5. Skin Cancers or tumors

Whenever you think you have a skin emergency, come visit us and avoid a costly and lengthy visit to the ER. We are the skin experts who will take care of you the same day or within 24 h.

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