Aqua Gold Facial! DAY IN THE LIFE of a derm Resident! | Dr. Bartos Dermatology

Our days can be crazy and unpredictable or long and boring. We never really know what to expect so we are always on our toes and best behavior....well, not really. We do have a lot of fun, especially after hours when we practice on each other with whatever tools and products we have available. All in the name of education! In this video I am getting the aqua gold vampire facial. Isn't this a great life? I thank God every minute (when I remember, cause I'm human!) Follow me on Instagram: Inquiries: [email protected] ?Want to know the secrets to healthy, brilliant skin? Let’s do this!? SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a video! #dermatology #vampirefacial #aquagoldfacial #healthyskin #healthyhabits #bartosdermatology